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Bath & Body


Creams, Lotions, & Much Much More...

***All items are always available unscented and/or uncolored if you choose.***

Lip Therapy Tubes or Tins

Healing Lip Therapy

Our lip balms are so good you won't be able to get enough of them. Glide on lips for sheer moisturizing kissable lips. *( contians no petroleum products).

Available in the following flavors: Apple, Banana, Caramel Candy, Cherry, Mocha, Peach, Pina Colada, Raspberry, Rum, Strawberry and Watermelon.

Please specify tube or tin / $2.95

Cuticle Therapy Stick -

Photo Coming soon!!

Our cuticle stick is a nicely scented blend that softens and soothes rough sore cuticles. It keeps your cuticles healthy and conditions nails too. Just choose your favorite scent.

$3.99 tube

Hand & Body Cream or Lotion


This deligthful lotion or cream is absorbed quickly into your skin leaving it feeling silky and soft with out being the least bit greasy. Just choose regular lotion or thick whipped cream and your favorite scent . Unscented with out color available also.

2 oz. disk top / $3.00

4 oz. disk top / $5.50

6oz. tub w/screw top/ $8.50
Body Butter

This rich and emiollent body butter is absolutely awsome. We can't say enough good stuff about this. It's a great skin treatment made wtih shea & mango butter. And Guys you'll love this too. Conveniently packaged in a push up container, it's the perfect size to carry with you. Just rub this lotion stick over your skin anywhere dryness and roughness is a problem. The lotion melts from the warmth of your skin. Just choose your favorite scent or unscented is great too.

Push Up Tube $7.50

Body and Linen Spray

Body and Linen Spray

Refreshing dry mist Body or linen spray. Our sassy scents will leave a lasting impression.

2 oz. - $4.99 

4 oz. - $7.99

Salt Scrub


Our salt scrub exfoliates and moisturizes all at the same time. It will leave your skin feeling super smooth and well hydrated. This is a woderful mix of epsom salt,fine sea salts and oils that will pamper your skin. Use in Shower or tub, slather a small amount over body,legs and feet, leave on for few moments before rinsing off. Follow up with one of our great body sprays or lotion. Choose any scent you like. We paticularly loved the lavender, ahhhh!

**Should not be used on face, may sting on skin with minor cuts and scraps. Caution will make tub/shower slippery**

2oz $5.00

4oz $9.00

Bath Tea Small and Lrg

Bath Teas

Assorted herbs and essential oils make up these wonderous bath teas. They come packaged in individual tea bags, Use one (1) tea bag per bath. Avaliable blends : Calming Bath Tea, Cold and Flu Bath Tea, Herbal Bath Tea, In the GardenBath Tea, Insomnia Bath Tea, Sore Muscles Bath Tea and Stress Relief Bath Tea.

small tea bag / $2.25 ea. or 3 / $6.00 .

large tea bag / $3.50 ea. or 3 / $9.50


Bath Salts

Rejuevinationg Bath Salts - Bath Salts have been known for years to be one of the best remedies to sooth our bodies, mind and soul. Made with epsom salts (which are said to calm our nervous systems, reduce swelling and ease sore mucsles) and sea salt (they also soothe tired muscles and help to remove any impurities of the skin) and a few other skin soothing ingredients. Just choose your favorite scent.

Tube - $3.99 

Foaming Bath Salts:
add 50 cents to above prices

Lavender Bath Fizzies

Bath Fizzies (or Bath Bombs as some call them )

WOW, what can we say, except that we really like these. Their rock hard and fizz, scent and soften bath water like you won't believe. As always you choose the scent , size and shape.

Lrg full size 3D Heart or Ball / $2.50 ea.

Half of a Heart or Ball / $1.50 ea.

Round Tablet (one size) / $0.99 ea OR 3/$2.75

To order email: or call 512-619-3044.

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