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Product Ingredients


Our soap is milder than commercial soap and does not contain any harsh detergents or chemicals like store bought products. Our products are not 100% natural due to the need for preservatives to keep products from going bad. The FDA has no approved natural preservatives. So occasionally you may see an un-natural ingredient. Please read each product ingredient if you have any kind of allergies. We will create any of our wonderful soaps or body care items unscented and/or no coloring, Just tell us that's how you would like it made.

I've listed the ingredients below that I use in my products, each item has a full description posted beneath the name.


A botanical extract of the comfrey plant.  We use it in our products for its skin healling and anti-irratating properties.  It is also know to help boost cell rejuvination. 

Aloe Vera Juice & Gel
A natural healing & soothing agent for dry, damaged skin.

Apricot Kernal Oil
An emollient oil, good for premature aging, dry and sensitive skin. It is highly moisturizing, has nice lather in soap. Great for all skin types. Offers quick skin absorption, it is high in Vitamin E and it helps retain elasticity, and suppleness of skin.

Avocado Oil
Natural oil from the pulp of the avocado fruit. Also has high concentrations of Vitamins A, D and E.

Castor Oil
A natural emollient, promotes softer skin & provides a protective barrier. Also is great suds booster.

Citric Acid
Helps balance PH levels ~ also used in making bath bombs & salts for fizziness.

Cocoa Butter
emollient & conditioner - not used in facial product as it is a heavy butter and may clog pores.

Coconut Oil
Silky hair & scalp conditioner, contains antiseptic fatty acids that are said to promote healthier skin in lotions, creams and soaps

Most all of the ingredients we use are natural,but some are not. We are very careful when selecting synthetic ingredients. We make sure that these are proven to be beyond any doubt,safe to humans and not harmful to our environment. Cyclomethicone is one such ingredient. Cyclomethicone is an unmodified silicone that stays on or near the surface of the skin. It evaporates quickly after helping to carry oils into the top layer of skin. From there, they may be absorbed by the skin. It performs a similar function in hair care products by helping nutrients enter the hair shaft. You find this ingredient in our Hair products, foot spray and our body and linen sprays.

Epsom Salt
Improves circulation & soothes sore muscles, used as an exfollient in body scruds. If you are diabetic, please consult your doctor prior to use.

Essential Oil
Used to scent and is naturally antibacterial. Obtained directly from plants through steam distillation.

Fragrance Oil
Used to scent soaps and other bodycare products, reproduces natural fragrances which may not be available as an essential oil.

Germall Plus II
Paraben-free preservative ,necessary, because we want to prevent growth of potentially dangerous bacteria.

Glycerin (vegetable)
Humectant & moisturizer - Is naturally produced in soapmaking and I use it in some of our bodycare products.

Grapeseed Oil
Has vitamin E., essential minerals & linoleic acid ~ light & easily absorbed into the skin.

Hemp Oil
Great source for essential fatty acids, high in minerals and Vitamin A. Is a wonderful emollient oil that contains natural anti-oxidants and vitamin E. It is said to help heal skin lesions, dry skin, and reduce inflammation of skin and joints.

Is a natural humectant, curative & emollient.
Hydrolized Silk Protein
Holds moisture, leaves your skin & hair feeling really silky.

Jojoba Oil
A natural oil from the jojoba plant. It is wonderful for aging skin, or dry or damaged skin. Jojoba Oil contains protein and minerals, and a waxy substance similar to collagen. Is considered hypo-allergenic and pure, and perfect for any skin type.

Provides hardness and lather stability in soap. Should not clog pores (all skin types are different though) and makes very moisturizing soaps.

Liquid Shea
This natural oil is a by-product of shea butter. Can be found in all of our lotions and creams which aid in the treatment of dry skin. Some benefits of this oil are said to assisit in the healing of skin problems such as burns, dermatitis, dryness, eczema and other irritations.

Macadamia Nut Oil
A carrier oil and emollient with a high concentration of palmitoleic acid which is a naturally occurring fatty acid. It improves facial lines and aids is skin moisture retention.

Has essential skin proteins. Makes a really nice creamy lather in soaps.

Softens and soothes sensitive and /or irritated skin.

Olive Oil
Has tons of skin-loving vitamins & minerals. Great for aged skin.

Shea Butter (unrefined)
Natural source of vitamin A. & E. and emollient. In clinical trials, this butter is said to help :

* Protect skin against harsh climates and UV protection
* Prevents wrinkle formation
* Sooth irritated, chapped skin
* Moisturize

Soybean Oil
High in Vitamin E. and essential skin proteins.

Vitamin E. Oil
Promotes skin cell regeneration and repair, stimulates oxygenation also.  Used as a natural preservative at times.

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