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Texas Soaps

Ya'll come back, Ya hear!

Texas Basket #1

This set is just beautiful, each bar has great detial that the picture just don't show well enough. This is sure to be a hit with anyone who loves Texas themes. Comes with the 4 lagre bars seen packed in the wooden crate. As always you are free to choose the scents and color combo's too. (Each bar is a hefty 6 oz. )

$22.00 set

TX Basket #2

Texas Soap basket #2 - Texas themed soaps: 3 large soaps (1) hat, yellow and scented Texas Yellow Rose, (1) Star white unscented. Texas state shape blue scented Blue Bonnett. and three small state shaped soaps each scented like the other matching color. Red is lightly scented red rose.We've also added two(2) yellow rose soaps, scented yeap you guessed Texas yello rose scent. Or you may choose what scents you like for any or all soaps. (Small TX soaps are .5 oz each, Flowers are 2 oz each, Lrg State, Hat and Star are 3.5 oz. each)

Basket - $18.00

Yellow Roses of TX

Yellow Roses of TX - 3 beautiful Yellow Roses, our lovely state flower.
We recommend Yellow Rose scent but you may choose what ever scent you like. (Each soap is 2 oz. )

Basket - $8.00

TX Basket #3

Tx Basket #2- This is a simple yet elegant basket. Combimes 6 Roses and 3 mini TX state shaped soaps in a nice bushel basket. You choose scents we chose the color scheme as seen. (flowers are 2 oz. each & small TX state is 1 oz)

Basket - $18.00

Texas Horse & Saddle

This one is for the Horse Lover. Choose 1 scent for both or a scent for each bar, you decide. Comes packaged in the crate pictured here.
(Each Bar is a hefty 6 oz.)

$11.99 set

Texas Cowboy Wear

It's wouldn't be Texas without cowboy Hats and Boot with spurs!
choose scent(s) and colors. Comes packaged in the crate pictured here, (Each bar is a hefty 6 oz.)

$11.99 set

S.W. Cow Skull

S.W. Long Horns


Texas Rattler Snake

Animals that remind us of Texas - Armadillos, Rattlers & Steer, Long Horns to be more precise. The nicely detailed soaps weight in between 6 - 6.5 oz. each. You choose scent and we will color them if you want. We like them O'Natural though.

$5.00 each

Email Orders to: or call: 512-619-3044

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